You are Ricky Fox, a brilliant detective from NYPD.

Your best friend, Arthur Petrovski, a renowned psychiatrist, just passed away in strange circumstances and you travel there to make your own investigation.

Freshly arrived in Greenhearth, a small rural town in Oregon, you meet a strange bunch of weird characters, and you realise that the town is full of secrets.

Will you find the murderer ?

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• Discover a rich and dark universe inspired by film noir movies and comic books, with gorgeous graphics and an incredible music fully recorded on an acoustic piano.

• Make your own adventure, interrogate the persons of interest and find clues in detailed interactive research scenes.

• Ask the right questions and manipulate the suspects to untangle the truth from the lies during the interrogation sequences.

• A brand new adventure each time : the clues, the behavior of the characters and the story possibilities are different each time you start a new game.

The writer

Frédéric Lignac

Frédéric Lignac is long time veteran in role playing and computer gaming.

He wrote the scenario, the dialogs and designed the player's adventure for Echoes, taking from vast knowledge in fantasy, science fiction and horror themes.

Game designer by trade, he just wrote his first novel: Onakron.

Find more about his projects on his blog :

The musician

Charles H. Martin

Charles H. Martin is a pianist and music composer.

He self-published an instrumental album in 2010 with his band, Chords Theory.

For Echoes, he crafted an ambient sonic soundscape with only a grand piano, prepared with everyday objects to capture the sound effects.


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Available iPhone / iPad.

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